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Hey Everyone!

I’ve teamed up with VitaminWater for the new campaign #ProjectHustle. In this campaign VitaminWater has searched for creators with an entrepreneurial spirit and we have the power to fund their dreams! The projects vary from film, music, tech, art, and fashion.

Every specially marked #ProjectHustle VitaminWater you purchase gives you a chance to win different prices, including tickets for a major festival to all in one PCs and of course free VitaminWater. All you have to do is redeem your code and fund the project of your choice! Everyone is a winner!!

Click here for rewards information.



A Day in my life

(Note: Varies daily/weekly)

4:55 AM Time for a quick jog

4 55am


Influencing our next generation to respect nature (googling various insect species)DSC_0588


2:10Pm Adjustments for a client

Photo Jul 14, 2 10 57 PM


Tailoring my pants before a trip



Grand Central – to JFK


Hello Londontown

New Londontown


Hey Everyone!

I hope all is well, I’ve received thank you emails from various people wanting to donate. I also received quiet a few emails during the past weeks regarding why I display my photography or “art” for free on WordPress.

My answer to that is.. I strongly believe in free “art”. If I can challenge your perception based on only looking at my photos, then I have done my job as a human. I don’t feel I should charge for the way I express my emotions through photography. Although I do have certain prints that are far more exclusive for that certain clientele.

With that being said, if you feel you want/need to donate please by all means do, it would be my pleasure. I’am a verified PayPal user. If you just want to browse through my pictures/blog for inspiration please go ahead. All I want to give out is love and positive energy to a cluttered world.



Donate Button with Credit Cards

In my dream world, I would love for humans to co-exist with nature. In a way that we do not harm or pollute it.


DSC_0030 DSC_0061